One Low Monthly Fee

You need tools to crank out email, direct mail and web campaigns that target customers, prospects or donors.
But you don't have a huge budget or 6 months to waste on training and integration. Boingnet Marketer Pro is perfect for you. Here's what you get:

Unlimited Features

  • Landing Page/Microsite Campaigns

  • Embeddable Forms

  • Unlimited Page Views

  • Drip Campaigns

  • Email Campaigns

  • Personalized Campaigns

  • Personal URLs & QR Codes

  • Templates & Media Storage

Total Contacts

$ 299 /month
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Included Monthly Messages

6000 Emails / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Free Trial work?
A: The Free Trial gives you up to 100 contacts for email, drip and pURL campaigns, and 5 landing page or microsite campaigns. This lets you build templates, upload lists, images, and files to get a sense for how Boingnet can help you.

Q: How do Boingnet landing page, microsite and email campaigns work with domains?
A: You can point your landing pages and microsites to any domain - it requires access to the domain registrar account. You can also send emails from Boingnet using any domain as the "from" address. The Free Trial gives you a dedicated Boingnet domain for your test campaigns.

Q: How do "Total Contacts" impact the Marketer Pro monthly fee?
A: Boingnet lets you upload/integrate as many lists as you need for your different campaigns. The total number of contacts across all your lists are used to determine your monthly fee.

Q: Can I download lists I'm not using? 
A: Yes, you can download lists and delete them to manage your Total Contacts. You will, however, not be able to access campaigns or reports for the deleted list.

Q: What other fees are associated with using Boingnet?
A: None, unless you decide to use Boingnet Marketing Services to help build out your campaigns. We can provide a reasonable quote for building templates, microsites, custom integrations, or entire campaigns. Contact Boingnet Marketing Services to discuss how we can help.

Q: I'm not sure I will still need Marketer Pro in a few months. What are my options? 
A: Unlike most marketing automation platforms, Boingnet Marketer Pro is a true monthly subscription, not an annual contract dressed up like a monthly contract. If you don't need it, just cancel your account. You won't be billed for the following month.

Buy A Great Campaign. No More, No Less.

You've got a big email or purl/direct mail campaign that requires great infrastructure. But you don't want ongoing fees. Boingnet's unique On Demand Pricing is for you. It lets you expense all software fees to a budget or directly to a client. All you do is buy the credits you need, which are good for 1 year.

Personal URLs (pURLs)


Landing Pages

Domain Names

MaxProtect Credits

SMS Phone Numbers

SMS (Text Messages)



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does On Demand Pricing Work?
A: Boingnet's innovative On Demand pricing lets you buy credits that let you use pieces of our software for specific campaigns. You can buy credits at any time from within your Boingnet Account using your credit card. Just click "Buy Credits" from the menu under your user name.

Q: How long do On Demand credits last?
A: On Demand credits are good for up to one year. This means you can run a pURL or email campaign using those credits for 365 days. To extend the date that your year is calculated from, simply buy some new credits. For example, if you have some old email credits that are about to expire, simply buy some new email credits to refresh your start date.

Q: Can I easily switch form On Demand to Marketer Pro?
A: Of course! To switch from On Demand to Marketer Pro, simply select "Change Plan" from the menu under your user name in your Boingnet account. If you'd like to switch from Marketer Pro to On Demand, simply cancel your Marketer Pro account and your Boingnet account will automatically be switched to On Demand.

White Label Marketing Automation

You're an agency or marketing services provider who runs high performing campaigns for clients.
You need cutting edge tools to keep your value high, and your brand front and center. Agency Edition is powerful, affordable and designed for you.

Boingnet Agency Edition Features

  • White Label Account Setup
  • Unlimited client Subaccounts
  • Your Brand on Client Reporting Portal
  • All Boingnet Product Features, Including
    • pURLs for Direct Mail and Email
    • Email Marketing
    • Drip Nuture Campaigns
    • Lead Generation Landing Pages & Microsites
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Lists and Templates

Starting at $299/month

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